I often get asked how I got involved in massage therapy. My journey to massage started back in high school, believe or not. Due to a major knee injury that resulted in surgery, I was forced to go to physical therapy. While I didn’t enjoy the therapy as a patient, it sparked an interest in me. I decided to take anatomy and physiology the next year. My teacher had me stay after class one day, and told me he thought I had a natural ability to learn the human body. He then offered me an opportunity to learn more by traveling with our high school football team as their athletic trainer. I would be gaining experience in treating sports injuries.

By having the opportunity to work with the football team, it fueled my interest even more to later make a career healing and treating people’s bodies. After high school my first job was at a physical therapy center. During my employment there, we did a small amount of massage on the injured area of each patient. I began looking into massage therapy schools, and ultimately decided that massage would be the path I would take.

After almost 16 years into my career as a massage therapist, I have zero regrets about the path my life has taken. I am always excited to learn about the new techniques and certifications through my continuing education that I can incorporate into my business.